Kim Puliti Photography

Milan, San Francisco, Spain and New York

Jun 15, 2002

After returning from three weeks of location and studio fashion work in Minneapolis, MN, Kim is planning on working closer to home this month. Two assignments in Napa/Sonoma in November will be a perfect time to enjoy Central California. With the annual report season approaching trips to Milan, San Francisco, Spain and New York are on the horizon. The current focus now is on Resort and Spring 2003 advertising, fashion and catalog work. Both Marshall Fields and Coldwater Creek have made the trip to sunny Santa Barbara for Spring and Summer advertising. Early winters in both northern locations have brought them south. Additional studio assignments for Disney in Los Angeles with thanks to Carrie Cornelius will keep Kim busy through the holiday season.

The research and scouting trip to Milan planned in October was postponed until the spring due to scheduling and of course weather. Italy in May is far more desirable than Milan in winter. A dear friends wedding in the north of Spain and a side trip to Naples and perhaps Sorrento will hopefully reveal some great-undiscovered locations for existing clients and produce some new customers as well.

Kim has recruited the help of some eager new photo assistants and interns. Crispin Ariss agreed to come out of retirement to work on some special projects with Kim and will be travelling to Santa Barbara in October for a Spring fashion shoot. Cross training styling assistant Andy DeVore has been a great asset. He is learning fast and will a big help in upcoming year. Other assistants that will be working with Kim this year include Eric Prine, Ryan Hirshberg, Jen Wilmans and Kelly Kirlin. Traveling is always challenging with the tons of gear required to produce the quality of work that Kim’s clients expect, so capable assistants are always appreciated.


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