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What happened to 2007?

Dec 15, 2007

Four consecutive print advertising assignments in New York City has Kim and crew spending most of this summer on the east coast. Christmas in August is a reality, with Lisi McCLure's expert holiday propping skills you'd think Long Island City was at the North Pole! The only down side is that you realize you've been in NYC too long when the bartender at your hotel remembers what you drink!

Off to Colorado and Wyoming for scouting a fall television project. June will be a typical month off creating late Fall colors and images in the early summer. Shooting at a vintage gas station in Santa Rosa we discovered one of the largest antique oil can collections in the world, as well as a Hot Rod shop and some savory and crusty characters.

An eleven day project shooting Summer 2007 national print ads, store banners and the summer television commercial for Coldwater Creek was a big success. It seemed as if the weather in the Florida Keys was the best in the entire nation the two weeks we were shooting there. Mid 80's and tolerable humidity. The crew swelled to 24 at its peak and everyone got along great considering the close proximity for such an intense three pronged project. February will be spent on a multi city annual report project which includes Santa Fe, Santa Rosa, CA. and points on the east coast.

Four back to back assignments in Santa Barbara, Long Island and New York City has kept Kim and crew hopping from plane to plane, location to location and hotel to hotel. Shooting both Spring still photography projects as well as two video projects, the varied equipment and crew requirements has been challenging. Look for a newly updated web site soon complete with video clips and new photography.

Back from assignments in Northern California, Idaho and Malibu, CA., Kim worked in Ringwood New Jersey at the Skyline Manor shooting Holiday still and video projects. A quick two day video assignment in Manhattan was shot in the garment distrcit just off Time Square. September will be spent closer to home with a Spring print and TV project shooting in Santa Barbara. Scouting and editorial post production will round out the month.

A Fall assignment in Charleston, South Carolina proved to be the perfect location. Besides the humidity and blood sucking insects, the shoot went well. Digital print work followed by HD Video work challenged the crew's talents to switch gears mid shoot. This beautiful 1949 Ford F1 pick up truck was just one a number of excellent props supplied by local vendors and residents.

Shooting on the beaches and golf clubs of Ameilia Island, Kim and crew spent long days getting the early morning light and the warm spring sunsets. After a week in Sonoma with TravelSmith shooting their Fall catalog, Kim is in pre-production for fall and holiday assignments in Charleston, SC. and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Summer 2006 ads and catalogs have been sucessfully completed. Kim and crew will stay busy this month working on annual reports and testing HDTV video cameras. Location assignments in Miami,Arizona and the Bay Area are on the schedule. Clients have for the most part fully embraced shooting pure digital on location. Film still remains a beautiful medium and will always remain as a fine art application.


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